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A Frag Swap from Home

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Its More Than Just a Hobby

For the most part, many would agree that aquarium keeping has not only opened the doors to a hobby which many love, but also a community. That is why Shop H2O’s first goal is to help connect reefers in a safe environment. Sharing our beautiful collections with each other should not be associated with skepticism or concerns. That is why our vendor vetting process and protected payment gateway will guarantee transaction security, so that you can buy and sell with confidence!

As for our second goal, our Shop H2O team would like to take this a step further and use the hobby and community we love to contribute to the society we love. We will do our part by donating 5% of all our sale profits to the Reef Check Foundation, which exists to help preserve the oceans and reefs. We will also be donating an additional 5% of sale profits to help with military suicide prevention. By serving each other, we can serve the greater society!

Very Respectfully,

Your Shop H2O

Our Philosophy Is To Provide Quality Over Quantity

We personally vet each vendor to make sure you get the highest quality livestock. We refuse to sacrafice your satisfaction for more products!

Providing the Tools You Need to Buy or Sell

Hobbyists and vendors deserve to buy and sell without the hassle of transaction security or creating their own website to sell on. That is why we provide all those services here, at a fraction of the cost. Use Shop H2O to buy, sell, build your own selling page, or even build your own custom site. Let us remove the hassle, so you can focus on the easy part!

“Growing up in this community, fellow reefers always gave me so much support along the way. I will never be able to return all the favors done for me, but at least through Shop H2O, I can make an effort to give back.”

Paymon Behzadpour

Co-founder, CEO

“Shop H2O is a platform dedicated to unifying hobbyists like us. Creating this platform allowed me to finally work for a passion, and as such, I will continue to do just that as we pour our efforts into this platform and our customers.”

Daniel Velez

Co-founder, COO

Build the Reef of Your Dreams

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